Is Drinking Hydrogen-rich Water the right choice for me?


If you haven't done this already, I suggest you start with watching the video or  reading our article about the Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen (H2) and its importance to health and vitality.


We've also showed you the different ways of producing H2 in our video/blog post "How to produce Molecular Hydrogen."


But before you start researching different types of machines producing H2 and looking into the pros and cons of each type and how much it costs, there's a more important question to ask yourself:  "Is this the right solution for me?" 

Knowing the answer will save you energy, efforts  and time.


I interviewed Paul Barattiero of Synergy Science/Echo Water ( to help you along the way.


Who's the person who needs molecular hydrogen the most? 


Would it be a good fit for an athlete, sports enthusiasts, a stay at home mum, a full time banker or an older retired gentleman suffering from diabetes, for example? 


Paul: "Who will it fit? First of all, people that are still breathing. Those are the ones that drinking water with hydrogen dissolved in it can help. So if you're alive, it can help you. Getting beyond that, we have studies that show there are therapeutic effects, or benefits, to individuals, and there have been 170 of these models. So any disease that anybody has, there's a good chance, not a 100% chance, that's for sure, but there's a good chance that hydrogen can help your system and help your body because it's so natural to the body.


Giving your body hydrogen simply allows your body or supports your body to do what it's already created to do." 


Designed by Nature


Hydrogen reduces oxidative stress as it's designed to do. Oxidative stress is simply an imbalance between the production of free radicals in our body (often caused by environmental factors, foods, stress, toxins) and the ability of our body to neutralise their harmful effects through the body's use of antioxidants.


Paul: "Hydrogen is part of the world that we live in. It powers the sun, it's a very powerful, beautiful element. So all we're saying is: hydrogen was designed to be in your body, because it balances oxidation and reduction. That's the bottom line. When you balance oxidation and reduction in the body, the body can do what it's supposed to do."


Here are four statements to help you find out whether hydrogen-rich water is the right choice for you:


1. I believe that being well hydrated positively affects my health and wellbeing.


You may already be aware that you're not drinking enough water and want to change that for the better. One of the issues many people face is not drinking enough water because they don't like the taste of tap water. They either don't drink very much of it which can lead to chronic dehydration or go for bottled water instead.


If you're one of these people, you'll find that three things will happen when you switch to filtered hydrogen-rich water:


1/ by ditching bottled water where possible, you'll not only save thousands of pounds in the long run but you'll also feel better for not contributing to the plastic pollution and getting micro chemicals from the plastic containers into your body.


2/  you'll fall in love with the taste of water again.


3/ with molecular hydrogen dissolved in water you'll be able to support your body move efficiently.


The other alternative is that you already take care of hydrating yourself well and have desire to drink water, in which case, keep it up!


In both cases, hydrogen is simply a natural enhancement of your clean drinking water helping your body towards staying in balance.


2. I love feeling energised, healthy and nourishing my body and mind.


You're someone who wants to have the best life possible. You want to have the most efficient lifestyle, to enjoy life to the fullest and to have all of your body functioning at optimum levels.


I'm not saying that we need to be completely strict with ourselves. I believe that taking care of our bodies and minds is always work in progress.


And if you eat more sugar than there should be in your natural diet from time to time, then hydrogen can possibly help you with reducing some of that oxidative stress or reducing inflammation which comes as a result of that higher sugar intake. 


3. I love to move.


Whether you demand your body to do physical activity more than someone who sits on the couch because you're going out to play football or you're running around the block, or you're lifting weights, molecular hydrogen can help with your performance.


Why? Because it can help your body respond to the demand you placed on it much better.



4. I already filter my drinking water.


You're already aware of the importance of filtering your water and choosing a good quality filter for your family or business.


If you have a full house system or under the counter system already installed, a hydrogen-rich water module only (without filtration) will be a great addition to your current system. 


If you want to improve your filtration (eg. you have a basic water jug filter), then hydrogen-rich water system which includes a high quality filtration can be a solution for you.



H2 is not a quick fix or a cure!


It's important to highlight that molecular hydrogen (H2) isn't a quick miracle fix and we're definitely not talking about a cure. Although some people will feel its effects more than others, others won't feel a thing. What we're saying is that, based on research, by getting H2 into the body dissolved in water into our gut we're supporting the body in what it's meant to do in the most optimum way. 


Watch my video with Paul Barattiero clarifying whether hydrogen-rich water is the right choice for you: 


(9:16 mins)



Want to find out more about molecular hydrogen and hyrogen-rich water and how you can create it in your kitchen? 


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Disclaimer: Our aim is to share the above information to help you feel more empowered, make more useful choices, to encourage you to focus on prevention and solutions to stay healthy and increase your resilience and joy of living. This article is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. This information is not intended to be patient education, does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.



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