Relieve tension and feel great. Choose Tuina, Sports Massage or KCR at our Edinburgh and West Linton clinics.

Welcome to Living Health

We are a small team of experienced health practitioners, educators and partners in life. We are here to give you the best tools to help you reconnect to your freedom, resilience and optimum health through a variety of body-mind treatments offered from our clinic spaces in Edinburgh and West Linton.


We believe that a healthy nourished body that moves well, healthy mind with ever-evolving awareness and being part of a close supportive community are the foundations of a happy life.

All of us have our journeys to lead and we would love to support you on yours.


Mark & Veronika


Clinical Hypnotherapy, Chinese Medicine,

Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage/Physical Therapy), Sports & Remedial Massage, Cupping, Moxibustion (Heat Treatment),   Qigong, Martial Arts,  Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)

Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)
Connective Tissue Release (CTR), Sports & Remedial Massage, Bio-Energy Therapy, Water education, filtration, detoxification & Hydrogen Therapy, EMF protection

Fatburn Extreme Classes

Fatburn Extreme is a new concept in instructor-led bodyweight fitness training and weight loss exercising. It is a fixed 20 minute, maximal intensity workout that gets you the results you want! No equipment is necessary. We currently offer classes in West Linton.


"After my first Tui Na session with Mark the muscles in my back instantly started to release and with it the stress and tightness that had been accompanying it. I even felt like I could breathe better and amazingly my boyfriend said I looked three years younger!"


"I feel brimming with energy. I feel realigned and centred. I feel like both my feet are planted on the ground. I feel like my breath is deeper and I just feel...just so much clearer within myself."

(after a KCR session with Veronika)


I visited Mark to deal with an ongoing issues I had with my elbow and my shoulder. He's very effectively worked that for me. I can feel immediately the change in range of motion. Also the tension's released in my back. I'd thoroughly recommend going to see Mark.


Mark Appleford

+44(0)787 507 4646

Veronika Appleford Divincova

+44(0)7528 550 190


At our clinic spaces in




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