Water Series: Why we need to pay more attention to water

November 1, 2016

I am not a scientist or a biologist. I don't have a chemistry degree and I don't intend to become one. What I love is teaching and educating others and giving them an opportunity to expand their own awareness. Witnessing that 'ahha' moment and feeling puzzled at the same time. I love exploring the nature of our human experience, health and water. I love drawing from the expertise of great water experts and researchers, from the leaders in their field with a wealth of lifetime experience. I refine and funnel that information into the world, presented to the best of my ability, with the hope that it will create a ripple effect and inspire others to step into a better tomorrow. And yet, I still consider myself a beginner.


Water, the great mystery


We rely on water every day. I would say that most of us hardly ever question the very nature of its existence as we turn the tap on. An average person going on with their daily affairs in today's mainstream society is tricked into thinking that they know what water is. "Sure, H2O." ..."It's just water." It reminds me a broken record stuck in a loop. 


We teach our children about three water phases: solid, liquid and vapour. They are taught basic information about the Nature's water cycle at schools. Yet is this really it? Is this the level of awareness sufficient for us to thrive seven generations into the future? Why is it that all ancient civilisation and native cultures around the world have had such a different relationship with water than we do? How did it happen that we have contracted our perception of water to goods and a lifeless object, although it is full of live, fundamental to all existence on this planet? 



Picture a small child playing with snow for the very first time. A reflection of awe, excitement, curiosity, joy, right in the moment. I wonder if we still approach the wonders of Nature this way. Many people find themselves disconnected from viewing the grand design life and its fundamental building blocks with that same sense of curiosity, 'the beginner's mind' of four year old. Yet, if we can only allow ourselves to shift back into that awareness, to reconnect, we would start discovering that water and its nature of existence is linked to the essence of Life far beyond biology, physics or chemistry. We would realise that we need to dive deeper into the nature of sound, light and consciousness and that there is still a great deal of mystery which we might never unwrap. It is a very humbling realisation.



"Water will take you on a journey." - Matt Thornton, Director of Emoto Peace Project UK, motivational speaker and coach 1/


We are water


Did you know that you will never find a single H2O molecule on its own? It is never even a group of the equally sized H2O molecules. It has, in fact, quite a complex highly communicative structure, always on the move, hidden to the human eye.


Due to the work of Prof Gerard Pollack on the fourth phase of water, more and more attention is being given to the role water plays in the human body and how it organises itself.  On a number of occasions, I have heard Prof Pollack say that on molecular level, we are over 99% water molecules. So we essentially are water beings right down to a single cell. 2/


Let's also consider the role of oxygen and hydrogen, coming together to form a water molecule. Have you realised that oxygen, essential to sustaining our life throughout breath, it is also a contributor to ageing, rusting and decomposition of matter?

Hydrogen also plays a number of roles in the human body. I found it fascinating to discover that hydrogen in its molecular form (molecular hydrogen) is now "gaining significant attention from academic researchers, medical doctors, and physicians around the world for its recently reported therapeutic potential." 3/

What an ingenious design!


Not only that. One of the many fascinating things about water is that it is a highly sensitive medium. It has the ability to carry information in a form of a vibratory frequency. Research is being done into various ways of how to use this quality therapeutically. Just imagine that instead of drug or a supplement, you might only need so called 'informed' water imprinted with a frequency of that drug or a supplement, only without the potential side effects.  4/


Awareness is the key


Having touched on the above, if we are mostly water and if water can be 'informed', wouldn't it make sense to start paying more attention to the water outside and inside of us? Wouldn't it be interesting to consider that the water that we drink or bathe in, the emotional states and thought patterns we experience, or the music or noise, wifi or the people we surround ourselves with could also interact with the water within us and vice versa? 


Dr Masaru Emoto has shown this possibility beautifully with frozen water crystals exposed to words, music or prayer.  He has demonstrated that water quality and structure can be affected and changed through, in essence, exposure to vibration. 5/


Although rigorous science could suggest that because these experiments could not be repeated based on the standard methodology, we have to also consider something else.


Could water or a water crystal, being such a sensitive and living medium ever present itself as identical or could we consider that it carries its own unique signature, the same way as a finger print?


Now it is your turn to start exploring.



Photo source: http://emotopeaceproject.eu


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Disclaimer: Our aim is to share the above information to help you feel more empowered, make more useful choices, to encourage you to focus on prevention and solutions to stay healthy and increase your resilience and joy of living. This article is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. This information is not intended to be patient education, does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.



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